2022 Models

We are proud to introduce the 2022 line-up of Nautique Boats! Nautique manufactures the highest quality, most innovative waterski and wake sports boats available and have provided exceptional customer service experiences for 96-years. Check out what Nautique has to offer for 2022! View Inventory »


G Series

GS Series

S Series


Instructional Videos

Dual LINC Panoray Tutorial
G23 Paragon and G25 Paragon

The G23 Paragon and the G25 Paragon come equipped with Dual LINC Panoray displays presented side-by-side and off-set to provide depth in a layout that delivers you with the ultimate driving experience.

LINC Panoray Touchscreen Tutorial
Super Air Nautique

With an intuitive interface and custom configurations, the LINC Panoray provides you with the best driving experience possible, so you can relax and enjoy your days on the water.