2018 Riva 88′ Domino Super #R88DSCA

En-Route to California*

2018 Riva Domino Super. Johann Wolfgang Goethe wrote that: “Perfection is the 
measure of heaven, and the wish to be perfect the measure of man.” This may be 
why Mauro Micheli, from Officina Italiana Design, and the Ferretti Group 
designers decided to perfect a highly successful boat, the 86’ Domino, of which 
as many as twenty have been produced and sold worldwide. It was thus not just a 
restyling exercise but a meticulous design process that led to the creation of 
the 88’ Domino Super, a planing prodigy measuring 26.84 metres in overall 
length and 6.30 metres in maximum width. With so many innovative features, both 
functional and aesthetic, this yacht will be difficult to perfect (but as 
Goethe teaches us, Riva’s designers are bound to try to, sooner or later). One 
is immediately struck by its sleek and aerodynamic profile, further enhanced by 
the original colour of the hull, a dark shade of grey named “London Grey”, also 
chosen for several details on the deck, creating a charming contrast with the 
pale grey (“Moon Grey”) of the superstructure. On board, the spaces themselves 
have been redesigned, with many advantages for yacht owners, guests and crew 
members. The new sun deck, for instance, enhances the sportiness of the craft 
while at the same time offering comfort and pleasure to guests; and the open 
air control station, which has been shifted to the centre of the boat, is very 
compact and features a roomy, comfortable sofa forward. A strong sense of 
dynamism and radiance is produced by the single large window on the hull, with 
its very bold design pointing like an arrow from the middle of the boat through 
to the foredeck. The stern area, too, has been completely revamped, offering 
countless amenities to guests and great advantages to the crew as well. And 
since at Riva everything is conceived with comfort in mind, two Seakeeper 
stabilizers to facilitate mooring can be installed on the yacht at the 
customer’s request.

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2018 Riva 76′ Perseo #R76CA

                                                       *En-route to California*

2018 Riva 76 Perseo. Riva’s new coupé has been conceived with a view to 
preserving the family feeling with the other models in the brand’s sporty 
range, and deservedly joins the other true masterpieces in Riva’s recent 
production. This yacht immediately strikes for its sporty features and 
elegance, further enhanced by its color shades. The first hull presents a new 
shade of metal silver – the already well-known ‘Moon Grey’ – as the dominating 
color, combined with Riva’s classical dark shade, ‘Bright Black’. The yacht’s 
sporty look is further highlighted by the over 40 square meters of glazed 
surfaces: the large hull glazing, on both sides, comprises two elliptical 
surfaces, ideally connected by the Riva logo, in polished stainless steel, one 
of the brand’s distinctive and traditional materials. The side glazing on the 
main deck, in turn, is ideally ‘cut through’ by a handrail installed along the 
edge of the superstructure, which makes the yacht’s profile even more slender 
and extends the overall size of the glazing in the main salon, while ensuring 
the utmost safety along the outdoor passageways. The wide windshield, supported 
by a central stanchion, comes in the largest possible size, in order to offer 
the captain the widest and most thorough visibility. The spacious sun deck perfectly 
harmonizes with the yacht’s aerodynamic lines and ensures the utmost privacy 
and relaxation, besides allowing to pilot the craft from a privileged position.

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2018 Riva 56′ Rivale #R56FL

2018 Riva 56 Rivale. Riva always challenges the notion of what is “state of the art” in yachting. The 56’ Rivale is the newest star to shine in the galaxy of legendary Rivas. Perfect for those who love spending their holiday on the sea and those who enjoy unforgettable day cruises, the 56’ Rivale is unrivalled, gliding triumphantly through the shipyard’s 175-year-old history. Full of charm, power and technology, it immediately conveys elegance and sport. The sleek, glazed windows run seamlessly across the hull with flush portholes, enabling those on board to feel truly part of the sea, and the bold metallic of the exterior is joined with sleek steel elements and teak detailing A further touch of style that distinguishes the Rivale: the unique windshield protecting the helm, a true blend of engineering and design resulting in a stunning aerodynamic profile. Officina Italiana Design joined forces with Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and Engineering Department, to create the completely new hull of the Riva’s 56’ Rivale. The utmost attention to detail is classically Riva, using the finest materials, distinctive hallmarks of the brand throughout its history: from the high gloss mahogany of the interiors to the natural teak of the exteriors, from lacquered finishes to stainless steel details, and from mirrored and glazed surfaces to superior leathers, the legacy of all the stars that make up the universe of Riva is reflected in the new Rivale.

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2017 Riva 88′ Florida #R88FFL

2017 Riva 88′ Florida. The 88′ Florida an open yacht and a coupe: two souls, entwined in one single, spectacular yacht. Riva’s typically rigorous lines and the 88′ Florida’s own unparalleled elegance are made even more enticing by the yacht’s innovative ‘Convertible Top’ technology, derived from the automotive sector, creating the first convertible luxury motor yacht.  The new ‘Moon Grey’ shade, a light metallic grey that enhances the yacht’s slender lines, characterizes the slender lines of the first 88′ Florida, and is in pleasant contrast with the ‘Bright Black’ shade details.  The hull profile is really unmistakable thanks to the innovative-design continuous glazing featuring a stainless steel plate that bears the Riva logo in its central part.  The large windshield and the steel roll bar complete this new yacht’s design.

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